The genua product family is ample. We took this as incentive to prepare an overview about important pages here for you, concerning all our products.

High Resistance Firewall genugate

For maximum security at critical interfaces through comprehensive data analysis.

Firewall & VPN Appliance genuscreen

For strong protection at external and internal interfaces and reliable encrypted data transfers.

Remote Service Appliance genubox

For highly secure remote maintenance access to machinery and IT systems.

VPN Appliance genucrypt

For highly encrypted data transfers.

Industrial Firewall genuwall

For protection of production networks with security zones.

Personal Security Device genucard

For the connection of home offices and small locations in the classified area.

VPN Software Client genuconnect

Highly secure connection to internal networks up to the classification level German VS-NfD of Windows devices.

Central Management Station genucenter

For central administration of the security solutions.

Security Laptop cyber-top

For mobile work in separated networks.

Security Laptop vs-top

For connecting mobile users to classified networks.

Data Diode for Industrial Applications cyber-diode

For high security connections of critical infrastructure (KRITIS) and machinery.

Data Diode for Classified Information vs-diode

For high-speed one-way data transfers in SECRET classified networks.

Cloud Security Gateway genugate

For maximum protection at the cloud-internet interface.

Industrial Gateway GS.Gate

For high security digital solution in the industrial area.

genua Advanced Secure Connect

High-Security Remote Maintenance for SAP Systems.

IT Security Platform cognitix Threat Defender

For modern network protection with AI and Data Analytics.


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