Comments on the customer portal

Notice concerning english content

To provide access to the new customer portal (including a brand-new layout and improved search capabilities) as early as possible, we have come to the decision to not add the english content of the old support area until after the relaunch.

Therefore, right after launch, there will be no english content available in the customer portal for now. But we are already in the process of preparing bilingual content. English content will be migrated into the new area in a continous flow, as soon as those preparations have been completed. This way the newly integrated english language content will be instantly available to you everytime we publish a new section.

The old english support area will be kept online as archive to provide access to the existing english content. However, it will not be updated with new releases and new articles.

Current status:

For now only this web page offers a permanent switch to english. Most structural elements and links have not been translated yet and redirect to the german content. Most of the english content will not be visible yet. Please switch to the german version if you need access to a specific topic, e.g. a current patch or release.

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