Information regarding the hardware replacement process (RMA)

In case of a justified claim in compliance with the general terms and conditions (section warranty), the process (RMA) has been defined as follows.

To inform genua, please use the ways of contact you are already familiar with (e-mail, phone), and disclose the data and information detailed below:

  • Serial number of the affected system, printed on the handles at the front panel of the appliance and/or as a sticker on the chassis
  • Description of the problem, where applicable with indication of the affected parts
  • Delivery address for delivery of the replacement device
  • Contact person with phone number and e-mail address, as point of contact for the collection of the defect hardware by the hardware supplier
  • Are hard disks subject to confidentiality protection?
  • With how many/which type of NICs is the device equipped?

At genua we will review the purchase contracts, to verify that the agreed upon warranty still applies.

The hardware supplier will be informed.

In case an NBD (next business day) replacement delivery has been agreed upon, the supplier sends a replacement device for delivery on the next day (within the EU), provided that the customer has given notice to genua before 12pm the same day.

The customer wraps the defect hardware with the wrapping materials removed from the sent replacement device. The supplier makes contact within 1-2 weeks to proceed with the pick-up.

For hardware types S and Si, a cost-free return stamp will be enclosed. The customer then securely places said stamp on the package, and informs the carrier indicated on it (within two business days) so the pick-up can be arranged.

If hard drives in accessible slots or power supply units are affected, only the defect part will be replaced.